Feel like exploring the city in a fun way?

See more in a few hours by bicycle than in 3 days on foot.

'Fun, experience and short stops with fun facts are central to our guided bike tours! With a little culinary treat for free on every tour.

Lovely Leuven

Bright Brussels

Magic Mechelen

Lovely Leuven highlights biketour

Discover wonderful Leuven
Until age 16: €19
Own bike: €23 for adults
Own bike: €16 until age 16
Supplement electric bike : + €9
  • Wonderful medieval village within the city: a true film set!
  • Beautiful castle gardens, lovely squares, colorful streets
  • Discover the beauty of this former capital

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Bright Brussels Highlights Tour

Get pleasantly surprised by this hip European capital!
Until age 16: €24
Own bike: €28 for adults
Own bike: €21 until age 16
Supplement electric bike : + €9
  • Brussels: the new hip hotspot of Europe!
  • ABSOLUTE MUST-SEES: The colorful African Matongé quarter, the European quarter, the many palaces…
  • For all ages! Calm, safe roads!
  • Warm waffle, chocolate and water for free

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Magic Mechelen Highlights Tour

Discover this magic hidden gem
Until age 16: €19
Own bike: €23 for adults
Own bike: €16 until age 16
No electric bikes available
  • A city full of colorful houses and beautiful palaces
  • City center with lots of water and boats
  • Lively shopping district, the Children’s City of Belgium!

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Whether it’s Brussels’ green parks, its colorful houses along the canals of Mechelen, or the hundreds of nice cafés in Leuven; we not only show you the city, but also let you experience it!

Don’t miss the secret places that you would never visit without a guide, such as amazing street art and hidden parks! The emphasis of our tour is not on historical dates and names of architects, but rather on pleasure and experience, including fun facts!

We definitely add extra value to your city trip and introduce you in a short time to all the nice things that this city has to offer. Afterwards, at your own pace, you can re-visit your favorite spots to get to know them better. Book quickly! In case of cancellation (regardless of the reason) we offer a 100% refund! 

Our very passionate guides

What once started as a hobby for me, Robin, soon became my dream job. With great passion and pleasure I guide people through Brussels and Leuven. I took great care when searching for new colleagues to strengthen my team. Soon the team was joined by Willy, Martine, Peter, Nora, Stefan, Joanna, Brigitte, Emilia, Françoise, Steven Christel and Lut.

Our super motivated team has one thing in common: guiding is our passion. For none of us this feels like a job, it is great to see how satisfied our customers are and how they enjoy the very surprising and pleasant way in which we guide people, even entertain them at times.

Humor is very important to us. It should be a very pleasant experience for our customers, whether they are 4 (in a bike seat) or 84 years old. We look forward to welcoming you on what will surely be one of the greatest bike tours of your life!

See you soon!

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